Garden Update 6/26/24

We've had a really good onion year. We've got some softball-size Spanish Sweet yellow onions. This is a red onion that I picked for dinner. I'm not sure I planted enough to store through Dec. but we have plenty to pick and eat now. We will let most of them continue growing and then dry out. That is mesclun in the basket below that I picked to go with lettuce for salads.

I tried a different method of planting mesclun mix this year. This is a sweet mix that I planted in three rows. I've planted spicy mix before, but it isn't as good. This way helps me harvest them easier. I harvested the first row in this picture below before harvesting the second. They should regrow. 

This is a red okra called "Candle Fire" that I planted as part of a grow-along with the University of Illinois Extension Good Growing podcast. They sent me these seeds. The pods are supposed to be smooth and red which is different than the other six we planted.

This is my hot pepper bed. It has Quickfire F1 and a jalapeƱo-type. I tried an unripe Quickfire, and it had a nice amount of heat that should get hotter when the pepper turn red. 


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