7/8/24 Odds and Ends


I harvested red onions to cure in the garage ahead of wet weather this week. The red onions had all fallen over and dried at the neck, so I knew that it was time. We've been using some of them for a few weeks whenever we wanted some for cooking.


I'm really enjoying War and Peace and the new Bret Lott book, Gather the Olives. I don't know how different War and Peace is from the full version because I don't remember much of what I read before.

I got a new book in the mail, Old Testament Parsing Guide. I had to buy the version from 1990 because there aren't many copies available for the updated one volume edition. There must not have been many printed, and most people just use a Bible software for parsing help. My goals for my language learning and my preference to work away from the computer meant I wanted a paper copy. This book is really fun. Along with it, I'm reading Using Old Testament Hebrew in Preaching by Paul Wegner.


We've been watching some of the Harry Potter movies. I read the book more recently than I watched the movies, and it is fun to notice the ways that the filmmakers nod to details from the books that they couldn't include.


I finished translating the phonetic Cherokee book into the Cherokee syllabary. 


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